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January 02, 2006



Oh dear, that's horrible hon. I'm so sorry. I'm glad he's getting better! For both of your sakes!

H. McCrappyPants

Yikes. Erythromycin gave me hives when I was a kid. I don't have pictures to immortalize the experience, though.


Oh, bless his heart. And yours, too.

My teen diva was sick over Christmas - mono AND pneumonia AND hepatitis A. She developed a full body rash from the hep A. It looked like your baby's, welty and red, but without any spaces of normal flesh.

She's 14, and I thank God we don't have to de-Ferberize her.


oh I'm so sorry for you. one of my sons had the exact same thing with Nurofen when he was little. hope you're doing better, both of you.


Aww, man. Poor kid. Hope he's doing better now. Tough way to bring in the new year.


You're poor little dude. I hope he's feeling much better. Both my girls were sick last week and we enjoyed diarrhea on Christmas Eve and rang in the new year with ear infections! Taking care of sick kids is exhausting!


Oh my goodness! Poor little guy... and poor Mom, too. Glad to hear he's feeling a little better.


Poor little guy!
I am allergic to amoxicillin but didn't find out until college.
Have you tried oatmeal baths like Aveeno to help him with the itching.


Thanks everybody! We have, thankfully maintained our sense of humor through all this:
My sister: How's Spotty?
Me: Much better. How's Whitey?
My sister: On the mend!

It's always somethin', I tell ya....


The B-man is definitely a trooper! (And I hear dots are the in thing in '06, so... he's ahead of the curve. But we wouldn't expect anything less!)
I hope it is getting better.

JJ Daddy in Savannah's Baby Momma

Oh ick. I'm a fairskinned lass myself with an incredible allergy to all things that spawned from petri-dish. Which means you'll also have to watch out for all -cillans, -mycins and about the only thing he'll be able to take is incredibly expensive designer antibiodics. You'll probably skip the grilled portabello too....

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