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    Mew: No More Stories Are Told Today
    Sometimes it's the sad songs that make me happy.

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Working mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. Pretty much everything takes work.


Xiobhan has been working on her near mandatory list of "100 Things About Me" for more than two years now. Unfortunately, she isn't that interesting and finds the task tedious. Either way, she tries. For you.

1) I played soccer for years. In fact, when I drop things, I reflexively try to catch them with me feet.
2) I swear too much. But most of you know that.
3) My mother was a nurse. I ate very healthy as a child. I never even had a fruit roll-up until sixth grade. I didn’t know enough to unroll it. I chewed through the plastic.
4) Dog farts = funny. Husband farts = not funny.
5) I love to do lots of things I’m not good at.
6) I stare at morbidly obese people. Especially those with crotch fat.
7) I’m politically conflicted.
8) I have amazing friends.
9) I try to be an amazing friend.
10) I’m not always
11) I love the smell of Illuminations Cedarwood Patchouli candles
12) My clock radio is 23 years-old. This just occurred to me last week, and it fascinates me.
13) I broke my right thumb on three different occasions and now have a permanent bone chip at the base. Ask me nicely and I’ll let you feel it
14) I don’t really have a favorite movie, favorite singer or favorite CD.
15) I’ve forgotten so much of what I’ve learned
16) I miss my father every day
17) I was a terrible shoplifter when I was six. I’d pull the waistband of my pants out, drop handfuls of candy into my underwear, and run like hell.
18) I didn’t talk to my brother for three years.
19) I don’t love the president. I don’t hate the president. (see 7)
20) Years ago, one of my old boyfriends told me his deepest, darkest secret: when he was five he stuck a Crayola soap crayon up his bum while in the bath. Now EVERYONE knows ha ha!! Now I feel bad.
21) I don’t collect anything
22) I refinish furniture
23) I’m fairly neat
24) The movie “The Ring” scared the living shit out of me.
25) My feet are kinda big. But pretty. I don’t know why no one agrees with me on this one.
26) I hope I love my baby as much as my dog. I know that sounds fucked up.
27) Right now, I’m craving pineapple
28) My front teeth are bonded, the result of an unfortunate college Boones Farm bottle accident.
29) I believe in tort reform and personal responsibility.
30) I have trouble saying no
31) I have trouble believing positive things about myself.
32) I have trouble with math
33) When it comes to money, I have a strange depression era mentality
34) I haven’t been to confession since I started sinning.
35) I buy make-up I don’t really need when it’s “Bonus Days”
36) I forget the best jokes I hear
37) I love the work of Kevin Fitzgerald. I own two pieces.
38) I’ve never had stitches. I was a bone breaker. (see 13)
39) I bought Cozyshack Tapioca pudding. It was on sale, and I’m a hungry, pregnant shopper. I totally recommend.
40) If I were gay, I’d f*k Angelina Jolie. Maybe it’s the lips. I dunno. She just looks like she could really work it out.
41) I’m a pretty good driver
42) I took Latin in High School.
43) I don’t chew gum. I hate the look of it.
44) I really can’t think of things to share because I’m not that terribly interesting. Really. I’m not. I’m struggling here.
45) Here are my childhood dogs: Msy – Dachsund, Nipper – Greyhound. We had a fish tank in the basement but they were ignored by everyone but my father who complained vocally every time he cleaned the tank. I’m not sure I even noticed when the fish went away.
46) I have no musical ability whatsoever - - other than listening to it.
47) I have an Irish Passport
48) I have traveled through most European countries.
49) I’m good at my job.
50) I have secrets
51) On rainy nights I sing Eddie Rabbitt
52) I can't fall asleep without Blistex Lip Medex slathered on my mouth
53) I wear my husband's socks
54) I will get a tattoo, somewhere, before I die
55) My belly is so moisturized right now that water beads up on it like the hood of a freshly waxed Buick.
56) Xiobhan likes her men like her coffee... bitter
57) If Xiobhan were a stripper, she’d work the pole to Nickleback (controversial, yes, but also justifiable.)
58) She has Duran Duran’s autograph’s which skyrocketed her to the top of the seventh grade social stratum – a level of short lived popularity that she hadn’t enjoyed since she broke her arm in the first grade and all the kids wanted to sign her cast.
59) X can never remember when to use lie or lay
60) She has given up swearing for Lent. Again.
61) New Years resolution: Accessorize!
62) When she drinks too much, she sings bad 70’s songs so “hold on loosely….”
63) X looks much nicer than she actually is
64) She has drank toilet water
65) She can turn a straw inside out with her mouth
66) Sometimes she uses first person. Sometimes, third.
67) I drink too much Fresca
68) Red and green peppers repeat on me, but not yellow
69) I give one helluva massage (the regular kind)
70) I can be needy. (Are you still there? You're still there, right?)
71) Since I started this list I had ANOTHER baby
72) I've gotten promoted
73) The dog died
74) I have aged
75)I'm still not to 100 things about me.
76) Eh. Fuck it.
77) I took a year off. But you knew that already.
78) Got another dog! Good Lord he sucks, but I love him.
79) My babies aren't really babies anymore. They ask me how my day was when I get home.
80) I am halfway through my life.


x: sleeps on the right, is allergic to ragweed, thinks her feet are pretty, is not brand loyal. x has never been stung by a bee and may have a cavity. update: x does not have a cavity and is greatly relieved, meat eating, vodka martini drinking daddy's girl who swears more than she should., uses downey, as good oral hygiene is very important to her. x remains a right leaning