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June 25, 2004



YAY! for you! Several of my children slept better in the towel lined laundry basket better than anywhere else. Everyone has too much stuff! And now people are force feeding it to our children like mother's milk. Bah humbug.
Pooping on the Bush onesie sounds like a good idea though...



- crib
- rattle
- mobile
- changing table
- rocking chair
- stroller
- car seat
- baby bouncy thingy (optional)



My opinion, the changing table is optional too as a dresser or bed does the same job. And by child number 4 you will be changing them on the floor anyways so you can reach out and grab another one as they run by you...besides then you are closer to the diaper pail or trashcan, whatever your heart prefers!
And here I am with enough baby stuff in my attic that will never be used by me again to outfit an entire nursery :( Oh well. It's all good :)


THank you both for the advice! We wrapped up the nursery last night (I'll post a photo) and because the room is only about 9 x 8 (our house is an old post-war colonial) there simply isn't a lot of room for stuff. We have a new Jenny Lind crib, cherry chest of drawers, and a matching desk (which will be a changing table.) I bought a rocker-glider thing, too. (The desk and dresser were my father's, brother's, then mine so I'm happy about the tradition.)


I wanna see pictures! *best imitation of child throwing temper tantrum* It sounds so neat!

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