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June 09, 2004



The wall-to-wall coverage is way too much. The unfortunate result of 24-hour news channels and the need to turn a profit on local newscasts.

Between Ford, Carter and Bush Sr. this may become old hat in the next 5-6 years. Of course, those were all one-term guys, so maybe we'll be spared the oversaturation.

btw, props on the dead presidents bit. :)


Well, he flew out as we were sitting in traffic on 395 :) We made it in and out and back here again since then. Somewhere along the trip it turned into a vacation and when we returned I developed a severe case of homesickitis.

So, how did the reunion go? You could have always stayed and visited with us and gone swimming on base and made many, many trips to Starbucks LOL!

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