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October 25, 2004



Man, I know that feeling, kind of. It was like the time I had to buy cold medicine, tampons (i hate that word!), pads and panthose for my wife, all on one trip. I felt like everyone was watching me, too. I knew the butcher who handed me my steaks saw my cart and thought, "queer" (or worse, "my kind of guy'). I could feel the eyes of Beavis and Butthead in the security room, tight focus on me, the perv in aisle 4, filling up on stuff to further his delusion quest to be a complete woman. I wanted to explain to the nice, oval shaped woman behind the checkout that I was on an errand for my wife, really, because she was in a huge hurry before a trip and that I owed her for the time she bought me condoms before I left on my trip. To make it worse, I was smelly from a workout, wearing a beat up old Packers sweatshirt, looking kind of questionable anyway, so I was doubly sure the store detectives were checking their databases for warnings about guys like me, the crystal meth making, cross-dressing pre-op. i'm sure, in the end, nobody noticed me either, X. And I promised my wife that i'd never ask her to buy me prophylactics again.


Shop away. And take time to read about them. It's not nearly as fun as trying to get away with it at the store though. The internet can be so impersonal.


J - Quick question:

Why did you need condoms for a business trip? And how on earth did you get your wife to buy them for you? What does one say, "No honey, they're for when I get BACK..."


>>Why did you need...

she was traveling out to meet me the next day.

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