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January 19, 2005



So... the blind person was in the lead? That's pretty funny in and of itself. :}

It's been cold in T-town lately, but today it warmed up a little. Hopefully, we'll send it your way later in the week.


Heh, apparently the weather here is missing you too! I have been thinking about you every time the temp drops below zero (and the stupid weather says "It is 0 degrees but it feels like -22. What the devil is up with that? I know what it feels like! LOL!)and wondering what the devil I am doing up here anyways!
The blind leading, I am sure there is something very Freudian in that whole situation....


Re the Blind: You don't think about what you are saying until it comes out, "The escaltor is down. I mean, it's up, but its down, BROKEN! I mean, its not working!" *ugh* I felt so bad. Thank god she had the dog. Can't rely on humans, you know.


That's why there are no "seeing eye people"!


OK... my favorite line of the day...
"The good thing about blind people is that you can really stare at them and they’ll never know it."


I just re-read this and I think she was trying to ditch me!! Now I feel really dopey.


i've heard that blind people can smell and hear real good, though. like a peculiar mix of bloodhound and housefly... plus they get to carry those miniature pole vaults... so it's not all bad. in fact, if it weren't for the lack of sight, being blind would be down right kickass...

attention wisconsin. this texas boy is spending a week in milwaukee starting on sunday, and i would appreciate it if you'd ask the weatherman to warm it up a bit. cold, snow, and sean don't mix. thank you.

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