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January 29, 2005


JJ Daddy in Savannah

Jeez, calm down, Miss Sha-bomb. Waxing made you a little testy? Your kid's like 3 months old and already you're turning into Mama Rose.
I WAS going to say that I liked the vid, although it made me a little woozy with all the bobbing around. Are you sure you want to do that while you're feeding him? If he barfs, it's liable to be catapulted onto the ceiling.
Also, I think I would have used Devo's "Jerkin' back and forth" for the soundtrack, but that's just me, a child of the 80's. Or maybe the 70's. Plus, the 5678's are a little overexposed right now. But altogether, two snaps up!


Ahh Validation! Isn't that what this is all about? I will reassure him he is cute and funny. You just saved him therapy, JJ. Thank you. (WHere the hell were you for me 30+ years ago?) As for "jerkin back and forth," from what I read on Finslippy and some of the other well-publicized "mommy blogs" there will be plenty of that in the next few years when he discovers his pee pee.

JJ Daddy in Savannah

Which brings us to Scary Subject for Parents #403!

Having that ***** TALK ABOUT SEX ***** with the kid.

Although you and I may have lucked out- I have girls, you have a boy. Yesss! That's what the spouse is for!
My girls are 4, 10 mos. and 10 mos., and already my wife is scared shitless about covering this subject.

One of the other subjects ***** THE TALK ABOUT DRUGS ***** is covered in a recent post over at MetroDad
The comments are good, too. Quite a lot of reasoned, informed replies, not a bunch of Nancy Reagan-channeling rants or Phish-head parent "do what you feel" talk.

But really, no need to panic, you probably won't have to address either of these subjects for a long time... like until the kid is in preschool.

Of course if you are REALLY Catholic, you can put off discussing sex with your kid until his wedding night, right? Maybe forever! (n.b., my Dad is in the Knights of Columbus, too.)

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