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January 24, 2005



A gourmet meal followed by middle-aged caucasian dry humping. Another wild night in the suburbs!!


Somebody has to ask: What happened to the lesbians?


Coincidentally the name of my next album is "Don't Ask What Happened to the Lesbians", available this spring on Rainbow Records. And, it will be appearing soon, festooned across my ample man-breasts in puffy pink type on the latest in my new T-shirt line.


Ahh, yes. The lesbians. It was determined that the lesbians were not up to snuff.* Might have been the chicken a la king and jello mold. We're tough like that.

*If you are a lesbian, and you are reading this, this is not to imply that all lesbians can't cook. And if you are THE lesbians and are reading this, we're JUST KIDDING! We totally didn't replace you without telling you! We WOULD NEVER DO THAT...


Um... middle aged??? MAN! If DMV is middle aged, what am I? OUCH!
And don't buy XDM's thing about the Scotch either! I have OTHER pictures where she was doing more than just licking!!! ;-)


OH! And it wasn't in the suburbs! We made the snow pussies come into the city!


Easy there CJD. I have folks convinced I'm a nice girl. Nice girls don't fellate cordial glasses. I've heard of ice queens before, but snow pussies? Now damn, that's cold!


It took nearly a week, but my comment finally stirred up Xdm's readership! I was waiting for that...


Givng credit where credit is due... show pussies is actually a DMV quote. I just adopted it!

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