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    And most of it is ok.

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    Twin Shadow: Forget
    This takes me back to the 80s synth I once loved.
  • Silas the Magic Car
    Mew: No More Stories Are Told Today
    Sometimes it's the sad songs that make me happy.

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May 19, 2006



Oh no not Lady in Red! Do I automatically lose because I like that song?

This is going to be hard to beat. Damnit.


Heh, I heard Love Hurts on the radio this morning for the first time in ages and turned it up loud. It was just that good and bad, ya know?

Good mix!


In the essence of full disclosure: In 1994 (95?) I participated in MTV's Sex in the 90's series "Love Sucks, Part 5." In the 30 minute episode I have four soundbites and there is some footage of me sitting sad and lonely on the edge of a fountain as music swells in the background. "OOooo OOoo looove huurts." Yup. Nazareth. Just recalling I feel a mix of pride and shame. If you watch MTV at 3 in the morning, you just may catch me.


ahem, Gonna Make You Sweat does NOT belong on this list... bonus track or not. That song singlehandedly helped white boys dance in 1989. Now I gotta go find my parachute pants...


pretty darn good, but i don't know if it beats this:



Wow. Masterfully done. *golf claps*


Chris DeBurgh makes me believe in the possibility of angels... angry, fire-sword-wielding angels who come to purify the land of unrighteousness.


Yours are good. "Lady in Red" is your anchor for sure, but it's no Jordy.


Damn! Am I too late to enter!This is a sure fire winner for me' cause except for Jordy...I have a lot of this on my ipod!!!!

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