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August 10, 2006



Peruvian food, cheese pizzas, a piñata! Throw in a midget stripper and it's like I'm reliving my bachelor party all over again!

As for Beyond Thunderdome for the Toddler set? I think you need to set up a wagering system and lay down some odds. Give us some stats. Who's got a longer reach? Who's got the better chin? Forget it. I'm placing my money on Beck.


I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that there's going to be 15 kids with a nanny in tow in the same room. I don't think I've known of 15 kids with nannies in my entire life, let alone at the same time in the same room. The mental image of that seems a bit surreal to me.

Then again, I'm just some Okie, so what do I know...

wood from sweet juniper

Oh crap, now I'm dying to know what your nephew's real name is.

And yes, my money is on Beck as well. Please youtube that shit.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Isn't there something Tina Turner shouts in the Thunderdome like "Who rules with poo" that gets the whole crowd riled up?


Haha, you were really on for this post. Laughed my ass off.




“You are Leder-hosed.” = awesome. I'll have to think of a slogan for my Nordic-named toddler and get him in the mix. Something better than "I will make you Thor."

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