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October 14, 2007



Great googly moogly! Congrats! You made a little human!

Good job.

(Post more pics!)

JJ Daddy-O's Baby Momma

Holy Crap! Baby with the bonus addition of meningitis-like pain. What a winning combo.

Glad you're fine, Lulu (or whatever baby you stole of Flikr) is gorgeous!


oh my god, epidural headache. that's awful.

But lulu? GORGEOUS. and PERFECT. Congratulations, X family!


i know the epi headache is epic; it's probably one of the few tortures i didn't suffer with my second c. i hope the rest of your experience is easy. you deserve a break.


Congrats! What an adorable name and what a horrific story. Sorry.


Oh congratulations!! She is absolutely beautiful. I am sorry (and terrified) to hear about the epidural headache. What a great name -- Is she named after someone?


Oh, I knew you were having that baby! I kept waiting and waiting, and I didn't want to bother you.

She's adorable. Love the name. There are stories behind it, right?

SOOOOO sorry about the epidural and ensuing headache. I haven't had one of those, but I have had migraines and meningitis and I know the feeling of wanting to throw your head away and just taking more narcotics. Ugh. Hang in there.

Can I bring dinner by?


Congratulations, X. She's absolutely beautiful. What a perfect little girl. Sory about the epidural headache. Hope you're doing well and have moved on to sleep depirvation by now!

pnuts mama

wheeeeeee!!! she is gorgeous, GORGEOUS!! i looove the name!! welcome, lulu!!

so very glad to hear you are all doing well, hope the epi-related ugh is over soon (had a good friend who went through the exact same thing with her 2nd preg/twins) and she swears by that 'bloodpatch' now- "kids have a boo-boo? give em a blood patch!" etc.

get as much rest as you can (bwahahahaha) and keep us posted when you can! mwah!!xoxo!!


Yahoooo! LuLu. I made a rhyme. Congrats she looks as perfect as her parents. Hope the recovery is going well and you should probably get the unused meds out of the house as they can be a little... shall we say.... addictive. I know of a drug disposal service. Just send the unused potion to me.

Give Beck some love as I am sure he is starting to figure things out about now.

Congratulations again.


Awesome. The Bratz toyz are in the mail, in a Dora backpack.


Oh, and this seems appropriate. So I never unsubscribed from the UCLA History listserv after I graduated, and my old address just gets flooded with event postings. Today I got invited to "Rolling a Bowling Ball Through the Vagina: History, Rationales, and Realities of the Caesarean Section Rate." You'd think that my spam filter would catch that.


i did not know "drama" was your middle name! two patches, crazy. you are so high maintanence!


Welcome, lovely Lulu! Already torturing your mommy . . .

Hope you're enjoying the girl. C'mon up to Philly if you're bored during leave.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Oh, I had the spinal fluid headache too. I thought I was dying.

She is beautiful even if she is red and squishy.


Congratulations!! She is adorable. Love love love the name. I hope you feel better soon.

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