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November 19, 2007



Wow. what a story, what a husband, what a family. Congratulations on ten years!


Oh, fantastic. crying.

That has to be your mom in the last photo. You (plural) are lovely.

pnuts mama

holy shit, woman, now i am freaking sobbing on my couch! damn hormones!

seriously, your husband better take it down a notch or two, or the rest of us are going to be leaving our own men and heading to the DC area for some big-love style family!

that is absolutely awesome- so very very wonderful and honestly, you truly deserved it. so very very happy for you- here to ten times ten more years with your incredible husband. awesome.


Well you DID tell me you were thankful you had found such a partner to share your life with. Now it's pretty obvious why. Tell him he rocks!


Somebody take this guy out or I will. Maybe he should start writing romance novels or come out of the closet. What's next doning an apron, cooking Turkey dinner and rigging the wishbone to break in your favor. Oh....then there is Christmas can't wait to see how he F*%#@'s that up for everyone else too. What a guy.....

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


JJ Daddy-O's Baby Momma

Wow. And I mean Wow.

Right, whatever, nice surprise and all, but what I'm really in awe of is that you can pull that totally cute dress off like what, 2 minutes post-partum?


Good lord.

I don't think my wife needs to hear this story. Or, rather, I don't think I need for my wife to hear this story.


Oh, that is the best. What a fan-freaking-tastic guy.

1. Your hair looks FABULOUS. You look very chic.

2. You got married at St. Joseph's! That church almost made me Catholic, with the Irish brogue AND the gospel choir. How cool.


My husband hates your husband ;) Nothing personal of course! LOL! What an amazing man! You both are truly blessed.


Oh wow. You are lucky (and he's incredible to pull that off). Happy anniversary -- clearly the marriage was a good move!


Wow. I guess the key to a successful marriage is a series of escalating planned events. He blew your pint glasses out of the water.


Hi there, I came here via a comment you made on another blog in October, via another blog that I found on NaBloPoMo at the beginning of the month.

I swung by because, obviously, you're name caught my attention. I stayed for the story.

I'm not crying. It's 1:40 a.m., I'm wearing contacts and my eyes are dry. Yeah, that's it. I loved that story, what an amazing man you have.

But you already know that. I'll be returning.


P.S. Where did you find your dress? I've been looking for something like that for a while.


Your husband TOTALLY ruined the curve! I was crying when I read that! It is wonderful that your husband planned such a meaningful gift. My husband and I are a year and a half away from from 10...can someone tell him this story!???


Gorgeous story! I came here via MetroDad.

I love your Rhodesian Ridgeback. I am up to my third and they are the nicest dog breed I've ever come across.

cry it out!

Via metrodad, too, and man, am I pissed at your husband. If my wife reads this ....

What a wonderful gesture -- happy renewed vows and 10 years!


Came here via Metrodad. I had c.r.i.e.d. right here in the office. Sob! What a wonderful husband. And what a wonderful wife you'd have to be for him to appreciate you so much!
Congratulations, many cheers, and God bless!!

Jen @ amazingtrips

What an AWESOME guy. You must be pretty great yourself that he would make such a loving gesture!

For our 10-year anniversary, my husband surprised me with an exact replica of the engagement ring he had proposed to me with, which had been in his family for 150+ years, and which I subsequently LOST less than a year after we were married. I was so excited, I put the ring on >> even though I was 5-months pregnant with triplets and my fingers looked like Jimmy Dean plump sausages >> and couldn't get it off again to save my life.

Congratulations on 10-years!!


I must be hormonal and emotionally unstable, because I cried reading this. Congratulations on 10 years. Hopefully, MetroDad will remember this in 4 years when we celebrate our 10th.


Wow! That's amazing! :)


Got here through MetroDad too. My wife will not see this entry! Amazing guy you have there. We have seven years until our 10 year, but I'll keep this one in my notes. Thanks for sharing.


what a great story!

will definitely have to have my hubs read this one.


Hey, thanks for making me CRY AT WORK!!! (Maybe this is why the internets are sort of banned for non-professional purposes...)

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