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    Mew: No More Stories Are Told Today
    Sometimes it's the sad songs that make me happy.

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November 26, 2007



I could watch Elijah Wood all day in that clip. I emailed it to my husband awhile ago with the subject line, "Who knew Frodo had such sweet moves?"

Punk Farm might have to show up in some little girl's stocking this year...

Hang in there with the moods, sweets. Lulu's like six weeks old, right? You'll turn the corner.


Ha, Yo Gabba Gabba is on permanent rotation in our OnDemand queue. The Halloween one is still the favorite. As for finding the Colin tape website, check your Internet history on that day--I bet you get there. Not that I am encouraging such behavior... ;) ha! I bet he makes a fine and dandy flick. :)


Punk Farm looks badass. I think I also know a little girl (or two) who might be getting a copy from Santa next month.

On a peripheral note, I'm glad to hear that all it takes to lift your spirits is a little Farrell porn. My suggestion is that you download it onto your iPhone (if you have one), so that anytime you're overcome by a maudlin John Denver moment... you can just whip out Colin whipping it out, and voila! You're back on your way to Coolsville.

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