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November 16, 2007



Wow. Those are some serious ass muscles.

Congrats on the anniversary. You were a gorgeous bride.

pnuts mama

i mean, there really are no words...none at


I am speechless, and impressed.


Dude, you need to make this photo a caption contest. Winner can receive those two singles lying on the floor. Really, I'm with pnuts mama. There really are no words.

JJ Daddy-O's Baby Momma

Please tell me that's not your mother with the clenched hands in the rocking chair, enjoying a full-on frontal view!

Reminds me of a college friend's bachelorette party. Got a stripper, and went bar hopping. By about the third bar (and third strip) we'd seen it all, and told him we'd pay extra to keep his clothes ON.

No man is fully undressed without a car-paint perfect tan and some lovely chunky jewelry!


i hope he was wearing one of those elephant thongs with the googlie eyes. but i suspect not.


So... you're saying that's not your husband, and this wasn't just a game of charades gone terribly awry?

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