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November 04, 2007



Oh, hon, I'm sorry for the blues. I'll give you a ringy. Let's get coffee.


Post-partum emotional swings suck the big one. Don't be afraid to ask - and get - a little help. Whatever it takes to get you through the bad days... (unless you're considering, say, boatloads of Oxy. Which'd probably be counterproductive.)


i hope you feel better soon. thinking of you.


I hope you have more good days. Those bad ones threw me for a loop too. Who would've thought the meer idea of having to go somewhere with BOTH kids would send me over the edge with panic and worry. Goodness. It DOES get better and it's awesome having 2 kids. Hang in there and ASK FOR HELP when needed. :)

pnuts mama

oh, sweets.

there were days when my husband would come home to find me on the couch with her and i'd be bawling over the mess and the wasted time and mountains of shit left to be cleaned/written/done. i'll tell you what he used to tell me- you did the most important thing you had to do today- you kept another person alive for just one more day. you've done enough.

so, so, so much time for the boring crap after hormones have settled and you are getting, oh i don't know, more than 1.5 hours of sleep at a time? just survive baby bootcamp, that's all you have to do right now. and crying is cathartic- i think i cried as much as she did those first few months.

when people ask what you need for lulu tell them a pizza and a cleaning lady. someone may just take you up on it!


I hated this part with #1. So overwhelming - and it sounds like more than double that with the second. I hope you feel better soon. I like the pizza and cleaning lady idea, and also recognizing that your only "job" is to keep that baby going. good luck.


I wish I had read this post last night. I suffered Post-Partum Depression when my first son was 5 months old. There's no explanation for it and I'm still mad it happened to me.

Don't feel like you HAVE to do everything, you don't. You don't have to do everything even when you're feeling great either!

One thing I noticed was I had an anxiousness in my stomach that no amount of slow breathing could eliminate. I didn't want to go to work because I felt stressed out when I thought about it. I stopped showering every day because it was just too much to cope with. The thought of showering, getting dried, dressing, putting contacts in AND wearing makeup seemed far too many things to take care of, AND the baby. I wasn't sleeping right, I would wake constantly and I would stress over every aspect of his future.

If you feel ANY of this, please go get help. Your seratonin levels are low and you need to increase them again. Don't be ashamed of going on medication. I was told, "you need it, just like a diabetic needs insulin."

It's not easy coping with two after having one for so long. I know the feeling, I just did it myself the beginning of the year.

Take care of yourself, and remember, your most important task is to take care of you and your little one.

I hope this helped.

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