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December 06, 2007



Even though I'm "only" 39, I think the best present is time. Find someone to watch the kids for an entire weekend so the two of you can go on a trip somewhere that he's always wanted to go. Fishing in the Keys? Chilling in the Caribbean? Golf in Scotland? Spa weekend?


Hmmm...are you talking romantic gifts? Or something he'd really want? (Kidding)

These are things I'd want:
1) Plasma Screen
2) Gas Grill
3) Iphone (if he already has a blackberry and ipod, not worth it)

As for a quasi-sentimental gift, you should consider getting a bike with a "buggy." My dad used to bike around with my sister and I in tow on the weekends and it was great. He was just getting in a work out but we thought it was "quality time." I didn't catch on to this pattern until he started having me shag golf balls with my baseball glove, calling it "outfield practice."

pnuts mama

i'm with MD- my husband in his infinite wisdom took me to the DR for a long weekend in march for my 30th. now, since you're nursing lulu, that wouldn't be so feasible, at least at this stage.

for my husband's 30th, i let him knock me up! haha, you think i'm kidding. but again, with lulu, that's not so much an option...well, to be fair, his "real" gift was i rented him a corvette for the big day- his dream car, and a total surprise, although that's not really a christmas gift, i think. i gave him an antique watch when we got married.

one year i got him a new computer, one year i got him the hess truck from his birth year (he is only missing a few in his collection from when he was a little guy) and that got a pretty good reaction. email me what sander is into and we'll brainstorm- tickets to an event or show coming up that he'd be into? that radiohead box cd set (100 bucks!) with a new bose for the den?

that bj coupon book is pretty weak. that's like giving your husband a pack of rolling papers or something. fwiw we have an 'agreement' that we each get a specific 'favor' at least once a month- wanna guess which one of us gets it out of the way 1st thing and which one lets it go til the end of the month? i know, tmi but i know you're a tough irish girl who can handle it.

pnuts mama

i was thinking about this some more...

first, to be honest, when i read the first line and saw the video clip i was thinking "get a room already!" but i digress...

second, your shot of S wearing the yo gabba gabba t shirt made me think 'get him a dwight schrutte "two tickets to the gun show" tshirt', but that's really a stocking stuffer. or foreplay.

has he mentioned any stuff from when he was a kid that would be a collectible now? like a commodore 64? (ahahaha, i'm HI-larious) or someone in his family could be a good source of info on that. you can do an advanced search on ebay to see what similar things have sold for to give you an idea on price. but this time of year that ebay gets expensive, too.

is he a techie? sports guy? do it yourselfer? does he love a specific food/wine/coffee etc.? my husband bless his heart always wants a new friggin saw- how many goddmaned saws can one man own i ask you? it's like we have a middle school woodshop downstairs. i bought him a torque wrench this year. nothing says i love you like a tool from sears. ba-dum-bum.


i bought Mark a highfallutin pair of sunglasses this year. and a subscription to The Economist. ha.


I'm still not getting how that qualifies as a "worst gift ever" candidate.

Anyhow. I'm with MetroDad -- the weekend+ away is solid gold. Take him to Reykjavik or something... he'll never see it coming.

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