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October 07, 2008



357 songs? Let hear a few... Joooooohnnnnn we neeeeed tooo booooooooond.... stuff like that?


Oh yes!! I totally do that too when I get alumni stuff. Everytime I see someone with the oldstyle yellow Sony Walkman TAPE player, I am immediately transported to my freshman year at OHio State walking across The Oval and listening to INXS. Yikes.

pnuts mama

heh, i still have that sweater, and i break it out occasionally when i take a trip down memory lane. which has been happening a lot lately, for whatever reason- simpler times? no kids? who knows.

two things:
1. i can't believe i'm nearly 10 years out of my undergrad- i was with a new mamafriend and she was telling me about her husband who had moved away from their neighborhood to college 15 years ago and i thought to myself "gee, he doesn't seem that old" until i realized "i am that old, too."

2. i was totally that stalker my fm year too. except i wore the poor man down until he finally succumbed to my brilliance and decided marrying me would be easier than trying to explain to his parents why this wacky girl kept driving by the house. :) to be fair, i hated those string-along guys- my husband and i had equal bs to work out before we were really ready to commit to each other, the seeds of love and friendship were always there, just needed some nourishment and time to grow. the guys that would keep girls they knew were interested at-the-ready for the occasional hook-up or ego boost were just pathetic, imo.


Yeah, pathetic me did the same thing. I can never return to the college -- virtually or otherwise -- as I cringe when I remember freshman year and the man I adored who said he adored me. Broke my heart and my spirit. Turns out I was his beard. Yeah, he was gay. "Way back then," some folks still stayed in the closet. SIGH.

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