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December 31, 2008


JJ Daddy-O

-- I too have a jammed up drafts folder. Maybe there;s some kind of herbal tea that could help unblock them. Or maybe adderal.
-- I think you should go all Spicoli on them and have a juicy pizza delivered during the meeting and not share. Tell them that government contracting rules forbid the giving of gifts including food.
-- Your design is not old, it's "classic". Maybe some kind of new logo incoporating the immortal (in your heart) Zuzu.
And it's just about time for you to have some oops twins, Mary Margaret and Mary Katherine, anyway.

Happy New Year to the Muellers, big and small! Maybe this year will see a road trip to SAV!


Great idea to cram all those drafts into one big round-up. I love your design. Then, again, I've not been visiting that long so it still looks new'ish to me.

And amen to Giant for not firing the guy.


Mmm... snippits.

- Beck's response to the tub/zap concept? Cutest. Thing. Ever. I presume you responded by melting into a puddle of goo.

- Christmas lobsters! Ah, "Love, Actually." Never gets old.

- Don't forget the cheese stick in your lunch box. It's got calcium.

- Julian keeping his job = AWESOME.

- I'll abstain from voting on design, but can you update your listens/reads? I'm tired of looking at Aqualung and Amy Winehouse.

pnuts mama

love ya, lady- awesome post, is totally my life, just snippets of what's happening here as well...happiest of 09's to you all- with or without the oops twins...

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