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July 16, 2009


JJ Daddy Baby Momma

I hope S wasn't as disappointed as I was in HP. Isn't password protection freeing?


Hence my ongoing paranoia and stupid pseudonym.

JJ Daddy-O

You can't fool me, I know you're going to keep this one clean and then create a new identity/blog where you will post your real scurrilous rantings...

pnuts mama

is why i keep it as pseudononymous (??) online as i possibly can. i don't have a blog for this reason (&others) and my husband asked that i never post pix of the kids, for same reason, even though he *knows* as well as i do that god forbid your kid gets molested it will be by someone they know.

i did need an outlet, hence the twitter. which so far only one irl person has found me thru- stupid for me to use an existing email for- but i feel relatively safe to vent about personal stuff and work-ish opinions on.

either way, glad you're still on here. hope it smooths out for you soon!

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