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January 04, 2010



As we of Norwegian descent say, Uff-da. I can't imagine. I can't keep it together with the 5-year-old and 2-year-old as it is - my house *looks* like contractors have been through here, but it's just us. Ah well, happy new year!


It's the Lego sets that really push things over the top.

JJ Daddy-O

Now that you're done, why don't you come down here and act as our general contractor for our big garage remodel? We'll make it worth your while! (free wine)
I feel the same way about unfinished stuff and general filth. However, you can add a side order of "they're growing up too fast!".
LMS is 9 and I realized that's halfway to going away to college. Nine years went by like *that*! I figure I don't want to be waving goodbye to her and saying to myself "I should have spent less time cleaning up". Or that's one of my many rationalizations, anyway.

pnuts mama

oh god we are living almost parallel lives. i feel your pain, girl. dig out of that snow, come on up to nyc and lets have a spa day already!


Um, JJ Daddy - she's, um 10 actually.

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