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January 10, 2011



Oh, dang. You are completely and totally ruined.


So freaking jealous.


Jealous. Now to figure out that filthy rich part.


::head explodes::


It's so true. My uncle's hobby was flying, he owned his own plane (and later one of those private air parks) and we would fly to places like Chicago or St. Louis just to have lunch the way some people would get in their cars and drive downtown (we lived in Kansas). The only thing that sucks in smaller planes is turbulence; it's so much worse in a smaller plane than in a larger commercial jet.

You know when people say "money can't buy happiness"? I always think, please give me piles of money and check back in with me to see if I'm happy. I'll participate in that experiment! :-)


We flew higher than commercial airlines, and I was getting a cold. The pain in my head from the pressure was awful. But... I was not going to complain. I just curled up under the cashmere throw and slept.


Now you know why all of those big CEOs write into their retirement packages that they get to use the company planes after they retire. Once you fly in your own jet, even first class commercial seems like hell.

Which is why I always think the guys who get caught embezzling or whatever's sentencing hearing should go like this: "I sentence you to 16 months at Club Fed, a million dollar fine... (smiles all around at the defendant's table)... and a lifetime ban from private aircraft. Say hello to the folks at the Southwest ticket counter, scumbag." "NOOOOOO!"


this is so awesome.i am SO j.

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