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    Twin Shadow: Forget
    This takes me back to the 80s synth I once loved.
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    Mew: No More Stories Are Told Today
    Sometimes it's the sad songs that make me happy.

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February 11, 2011



Sounds like a movie pitch. Kristen Wigg plays the part of you, Paul Rudd as your husband, and Adam Sandler in the role of Beck. I'd see it.


Mom has nervous break down and kid pees on dog.. Hilarity ensues!!!


J'embrace mon chien sur la bouche, ou, sur la tete.


christine talarico made me cry at work in 1999. i broke down, ran to the bathroom, and she followed me saying "oh my god i made you cry. i am so sorry." over and over again.

if you're reading this, christine, you are still a bitch.

i think crash needs some minerals. and some mouthwash.

oh and ps i don't think this is pword protected anymore.


Husband to the rescue! I'm glad you got a break. Mine is encouraging me to keep looking for a job (which I would love) (rather than just freelance) because he realizes that I need more in-person interaction with grown-ups. Hmmm yes. That would probably help me not lose my shit with the kids so much.

Anyway, I love Beck's story!

Jason of George

That's golden! Pun wholeheartedly intended ;P

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